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Data Center Services

3 essential types for creating a peaceful data center environment

Data Center Services

To optimize the performance of your data center, we provide a variety of goods and services, as well as many Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) solutions. Our solutions and services ensure that your data centers can efficiently support your purpose, even  in the event of an emergency. Through a spectrum of data center services, we assist agencies in achieving their cost-cutting, long-term environmental, cybersecurity, and merger objectives:

Data center architecture

Facilities design (build/new and expand/retrofit) working assessments. We build and construct your data center. No matter which size, which location or which consumption you have in mind, our experts will scale your individual solution to your needs. We work with top experts in data center, energy, architecture and not forgotten our contact key elements to official parts like municipalities etc. With us, everything comes from one hand, from one team.

Data center operations

We provide you with the neccessary operations management. Based on the scale and tasks of your data center, we will arrange the perfect solution for you, combining the power of the different segments you need, Day-to-day work, monitoring and reporting,  Cloud-based disaster recovery and failover & Security.