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We are your reliable digitally airborn Service Partner!


Simple Process

We made the process as simple as possible to guaranty your fast results and success.

High Quality

Providing high-quality services is our top priority. We put quality in every detail of our projects.


Yes! You will get effective services in a short matter of time and at affordable prices. 

Continuous Service

Enjoy a full-service, a continuous treat of your business.

Our optimized working process

Research & Analysis

First our IT consultants do analysis  to find the best solutions.


Based on relevant strategies our experts will perform their best.

Feedback & Improvements

Post improvements are followed to assure your satisfaction.

Enhancement Operational Services

Improve your working operational services

One Team - One Solution -  One Unit 

We act as unity, every team is specialized in its areas, different team member add their skills to different problems and solutions. We act as a chain, specific endeavours need different perspectives with different opinions and ideas. Together we select the best working ideas and combine them to you operative chain where processes go hand in hand.

Who we are

Topflight AS is a Norwegian owned company established in 2004. Our head office is located at Oslo airport, Norway's main airport and the gateway into Scandinavia. Topflight is a human resource company specialized in the recruitment and staffing of cabin crews for commercial as well as privately-owned airlines. Our principal aim is to provide affordability, flexibility and efficiency for our customers and cater for variable demands and needs they have for cabin crew partly or throughout the year. Topflight's innovative, solution-oriented, cost-efficient operation is a good alternative to its competitors within this field of business. Topflight manages their own personnel and takes care of the employer’s liability, labour insurance, casualty insurance, wages, common taxes. The customer receives a monthly bill according to the agreement.

Testimonials from our clients

There is nothing happier than receiving good feedback from your clients!

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Our data center has been set up best way possible. What astonished me most are not the technical details alone but the team competence that match each other like a clock work. The savings we gained from the consultations with the energy experts are massive. The process gains achieved by the technical team is just stunning marvel. Thanks so much for this great work!

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Eric Wingens

International Project Manager / Managing Director Northern Green Hydro AS

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Topflight AS Øvre Klekkenvei 18 3514 Hønefoss Norway Company number: 987 515 961

+47 90166514 +47 47354777

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Topflight AS

Øvre Klekkenvei 18 3514 Hønefoss Norway  Topflight 987 515 961  

+47 90166514 +47 47354777