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Topflight AS is a recruiting, training and staffing company for the airlines worldwide. Why choosing Topflight as a cooperation partner? Administration & services related to any IT endeavours. Our strength lies in our specialization in aviation, which gives us increased knowledge and experience about the industry and the expertise our customers are looking for. The organisation of Topflight consists of employees with long experience in different positions from the aviation Industry. With our background we know exactly the airlineĀ“s needs, demands and challenges at any time. Topflight offers competent cabin crew part or full time in cooperation with the customer for a wanted period. We offer flexible and favorable terms suitable to our customers need. Hiring cabin crew gives the airline full control and many advantages such as; reduced employers liability, less long-term contract obligations and flexible costs. We can provide our customers with: Training; initial and conversion course Consultation in the hiring process Direct recruitment Temporary or permanent employment A close collaboration with our customers is important to us, your company will interact with our consultants to design the desired recruitment and hiring process. Our customers are free to choose a complete recruitment process, or only parts of it. Our goal is to find the right solution for our customersĀ“ demands and challenges. For more information, please feel free to contact us for a consultation without obligation.