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Breakfast in Rome or lunch in Paris. Lying sleepless in Seattle or taking a swim on the riviera?
It was great to be a flight attendant back in the 60's, when flights were only for a few and it was high status to work as a flight attendant. Times do change and this is not today's life of a flight attendant  or cabin crew member as we call it these days. But still many think its exciting and interesting having an office and their workplace "in the blue".

Working as a cabin crew member requires you to have: Normal vision, good strength in your back and legs and good balance ability. This is a service profession and it is expected that you act friendly and trustworthy.

You must have the ability to cooperate, be able to show empathy and high standards of efficiency and accountability.

Although the common European regulations set a minimum standard for cabin crew, many airlines have stricter requirements for its candidates. To ensure that all our candidates meet most airlines' minimum requirements, you must  satisfy the following criteria to register as a candidate with Topflight:
- Minimum 18 years of age
- Height between 160cm and maximum 190cm
- Normal weight
- Hold a high school diploma or equivalent
- Norwegian, Danish or Swedish as main language and good understanding for the three languages
- Fluent in English both spoken and written and preferably a second language
- Able to submit a criminal record without remarks
- Normal vision and hearing
- Good physical and mental health
- Be able to swim at least 200 meters without assistance
- No visible tattoos or piercings when wearing uniform
If you meet our requirements, we look forward to hearing from you.

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